Monday, June 29, 2015

About Me

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I have a story that is a bit unusual from most other Realtors!

I began my career in the home warranty industry.  Realtors were actually my clients!  I sold warranties to them and to home buyers, and that allowed me to learn about home systems and compliances.  After doing that for a couple of years, I was asked to join a mortgage company.  I once again found myself selling mortgages and our services to both realtors and to home buyers.  This job was invaluable to my current career!  I was able to work through the entire back end of the home buying process.  I saw every step from mortgage application through to the closing.  I gained understanding of qualification issues, lending statutes, and bank regulations as well.  I also became familiar with many of the most popular loans used today.

I became even more intrigued by the "other side" of real estate.  I obtained my real estate license, and 3 years later, became a broker and opened my own office!  Today, I have multiple real estate agents working in my firm, Vineyard Real Estate Group.  Our agents are the best of the best!  We have agents who specialize in everything from residential to commercial to property management... even short sales and HUD homes!

If you have real estate questions, I'm certain we have your answers!
We are anxious to hear from you!

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